Top experts in energy sector for Central & Eastern Europe

Our experts have worked on projects for many Polish and international companies:

Belarus` Oil Supply Diversification: Towards cooperation with the U.S. and Poland

Ecology and economy - Offshore wind expansion: the case of Germany

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U.S. LNG for Ukraine - Towards regional markets integration

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Military Mobility: a new-old question to address

Nord Stream 2: Derailed By US Sanctions?

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Novatek's Growth Strategy Report

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We are a consultancy firm operating in energy and insurance market. Our experts have spent over 15 years working on projects for firms such as Orlen, PZU, Duon, PGE.


At Esperis we are led by curiosity. Energy is like a lens through which one can see the challenges of modern economy: technical progress, growing social expectations towards business and the need to curb environmental costs.


We created a company that seeks to deliver  new solutions to our clients, using analytical instruments. Transforming the energy sector and introducing new technologies can be helpful in solving many of the social and economic issues in Poland, Europe and around the world.
We offer our clients support in:

– recognizing and eliminating regulatory, political and business environment risks.

– analyzing their competitve environment and the needs of their stakeholders.

We belong to the lucky ones in the professional world: we are constantly confronted with fascinating new problems that arise within complex projects and we strive for creative solutions to them.


We work together with financial institutions interested in business/investment opportunities in the energy sector. We help to identify the right investment opportunity by conducting risk analysis and performing background checks.

We also offer our support to start-ups looking for the right investor.




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